Night Guard Herndon VA

What is a night guard?

Night guards fit over your teeth to cover and protect them while you sleep. You can buy a generic guard over the counter at a pharmacy, or Dr. Alwan can custom-make one to fit your mouth perfectly. An over-the-counter guard is usually made of soft or hard plastic, while a guard custom-made for you can be made from a few different materials, such as:

  • Heat-cured acrylic resin: a hard, clear plastic material
  • Heat-contoured laminate material: soft material
  • Dual-laminate materials: hard acrylic on the outside and soft laminate material on the inside

night guard herndon vaHow do night guards work?

The material of the guard cushions your teeth, preventing them from grinding against one another. You can sleep comfortably without obstructing your breathing, all while protecting your teeth. Dr. Alwan and his team can customize a dental night guard for you. First, he makes a dental impression of your mouth, then sends it to the lab where they create and customize your night guard to your measurements and the contours of your mouth.

Why get a night guard?

Habitual grinding of your teeth is a condition called bruxism. The tooth grinding exerts excessive force on your teeth and jaw, which can wear down your tooth enamel and the muscles and joints in your jaw.

If you grind your teeth habitually, you’re more likely to do so at night when you’re unconscious; that’s when Dr. Alwan recommends wearing a night guard. A night guard can prevent you from breaking and damaging your teeth, as well as alleviate any soreness you might experience in the morning.

Dr. Alwan also recommends a night guard if you suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). This condition often develops from bruxism and occurs when there are issues with your facial muscles and joints.

Teeth grinding can exacerbate TMJ, but a night guard can keep your teeth slightly separated, preventing you from clenching and grinding them while you’re asleep. If you are suffering from teeth grinding, call Dr. Alwan at Herndon Healthy Smiles or request a consultation online.